REFLECTOR:Stall Characteristics

John Dibble
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 13:19:32 -0600

Did this occur in the pattern or in mid-air?

John wrote:

> At 07:08 PM 11/14/03 -0500, you wrote:
> >  (Note: there is an instance where a Velocity entered the wake
> >turbulence of a commercial jet aircraft - and it is thought the aircraft
> >entered an inverted deep stall condition from which the pilot was unable to
> >recover.  Also - slips to landing are not recommended because it "upsets"
> >the lift relationship between the canard and the main wings - which could be
> >a cause for concern if the slip were aggressive, and the airspeed slow, and
> >the cg fully aft.).
> I read the NTSB report on that one, Neil Hunter's crash.  While it is
> likely (almost certain) that the wake turbulence put him inverted and
> stalled, it was also clear that he was flying aft CG, the weight he
> normally carried in the nose when flying solo was not in the airplane.
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