Craig and/or Denise Woolston
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 22:39:21 -0800

Sorry guys for sucha tardy reply but I seem to read Reflector mailings in

>Got any Pic of your heating system?

Not scanned.

?>Do you have a drawing of how you're setting up the plenums?  How are you
planning to pipe the air
>Jim Sower

I just added one more outlet from the cold air NACA and plumb one hot from
oil cooler and one cold to each plenum.  Then each plenum will have a
"temperature" control.

> From: Brett Ferrell []
>  I was wondering, did you use the mixer from Spruce or make your own?

I made my own,  I made a male mold and laid up two plenums.  I built a
flapper valve that flips from the hot pipe to the cold pipe inside this
plenum.  My idea was that if you want heat you pull flapper in oil cooler
first.  Then use seperate "temperature" control to mix in cold air from
fresh air NACA.

Again soory for the late response.

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