REFLECTOR:Tired reflectorites

Brian Michalk
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 12:37:56 -0600

Hmm, the recent engine and prop discussions must have worn everyone out.

I've seen references to prop design software.  Is there anything available
on the net that is public domain?

On another tack:  Is there anyone on the reflector swift in the ways of
finite element analysis?  If I were to magically design a prop hub, would
someone be able to analyze said hub?

On the topic of machining prop blades:
Material --- is it possible to obtain a billet of material suitable for a
prob blade?  Would it be as simple as laminating thinner wood plies?  What
about carbon fiber billet?  Any other suitable material?  Nylon?
Collaring the blade would in my opinion be the single most critical part of
the design.  I can't find any references, even Paul Lamar's fabled site on
any collar engineering data.
I've seen some cross sectional views of blade design, and the good ones (MT. seem to have a design similar to a good hose end fitting.

I believe if I could fit a collar onto a billet, then I could chuck this
into my CNC mill, and simply mill a new blade from the billet.  I may have
to reinforce it according to some of the other sites I've seen where "spars"
are inlaid into the blade.

Thoughts?  I'm just probing the possibilities at this point.

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