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Re: REFLECTOR: Door Trim Sealing

In a message dated 7/26/99 9:52:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
joestack@technologist.com writes:

<<  The good David Clark passive headsets go for about $300 each: $1,2000
 * Velocity sound proofing kit: (call for quote) >>

A flying buddy was looking for ANR headsets, and ordered on a trial basis 
both David Clark, and Bose.

I have been using David Clark 10-40s (the SAME PAIR) for over 13 years.  
About four years ago, I converted both D.C. to ANR with "HeadSets Inc." 
units.  They have both worked perfectly since then.  

The buddy asked if he could borrow mine to compare with the D.C. ANRs, and 
the Bose.  He did the testing on the same flight, with two other pilots on 
board (Cessna).  The consciences was that the Headset Inc. conversion was as 
good as the Bose, however the D.C. ANR however didn't come close.  Of course 
all three felt that the Bose was the most comfortable of all.  

So now his plan is to buy a good quality "clone" and install the HeadSets 
Inc. units in both.  His estimated cost for both will be about $625.  Even 
utilizing new D.C.'s the cost each (about $450ea.) will still be below the 
D.C. ANR, and apparently by there test, better.  Go figure!!  I was not 
involved in the test, so take it for what it's worth.