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REFLECTOR: Oshkosh Rooms Available

Reflectorites !

	I've got 2 spare bedrooms in a centrally air-conditioned house in
Oshkosh from Wed nite July 28 thru/including Tues Aug 3rd.  

	1 bedroom has a queen bed and couch, 
	1 has 2 twin beds.

	As my wife & kids won't be staying overnite during that time, I'll take
on roomate(s) for any of those days at $35/nite/room, which is an even
share of my cost and cheaper than a room at U.of.Wisc (and as mentioned,

	You can email me or call at number below.  If I'm already at OSH, leave
msg with my wife or answering machine AND I'll be checking my email
every nite (tho I've got a dinner Wed & Fri nite..may be late).  I'll
also be by the Velocity tent 2 or 3 times each day...you know how that

Jeff Barnes, XL-RG
847 549-7765