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Re: REFLECTOR: Reticulated Foam/Fuel Tanks

Also, see Kitplanes Magazine, April 1999, page 42 for an article about
minimizing post accident fires using these foams.  Here's some additional

1. In a 100 gallon fuel tank, the foam would only occupy 1.5 - 3 gallons of
the capacity.
2. It weighs 7.5 to 15 pounds for a 100 gallon fuel tank.
3. Initial cost is about $3 per gallon of fuel tank capacity.

So for a 173 RG, 65 gallons of fuel capacity:
1. The 65 gallon capacity would be reduced to 63 gallons
2. Would weigh 10 pounds
3. Cost approximately $195

Awfully cheap to minimize the fire hazards associated with a rough or off
field landing!!!

I'd be interested in joining in on a bulk purchase.  Any one got the
dimensions of the fuel tank internals?  (My 173 RG is on order).

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> I just spoke to the people @ Crest Foam who referred me to  a distributor
> "New Dimension Industries" (201-641-4944)  They sell the foam on a
> scale" starting at $46/cubic foot.  I spoke to a Ray Delgado who is
> forwarding (Email) a price list.  I also asked about some "preferred
> pricing" if I could organize a purchase from multiple builders.  They will
> cut to shape (if the tanks are open) or cut 2x2x2" cubes that you can
> via the cap.
> I will forward the pricing sheet as soon as received.
> Larry Epstein
> 173 FGE