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REFLECTOR: Oskosh housing available


One of the nicest and most convenient houses near the show is available.

My family is not going this year because we have too much work to do
plus the Swings and Machados do a better job selling our wings anyway.

This clean 3 to 4 bedroom house is in Omro, which is a pleasant easy 10
min. drive NW.   Frank and Sherry Detrich live there with their three
small children and normally use this time and money for their yearly
vacation.  So any of you good folks who can use this house will be doing
both these nice people and me a big favor by staying in this beautiful

We normally pay them $1000 min. for a little over a week for four of
us.  If more drop in then we pay an extra $30/night per person.  If
someone does not rent I will have to  compensate them at least partially
because they are counting on me.


Frank or Sherry at home  920-685-6145

The house is at 245 East Scott street in Omro in a quite neighbor hood
on top of the hill above the town and river.  It is next to a church
under big shade trees all around with a pool and veggie garden.

This little town opens up to us air show people.  They even have a
special picnic down by the river so you can meet them and their mayor.
The town has a great local restaurant besides the "Hardies", a Piggly
Wiggly grocery and a great cheese store.  This scenic town with its
river and public pool has plenty to do for those wives and children who
are not into the air show "everyday".

The best thing about Frank and Sherry's house is that it is easy to get
to, affordable and a very comfortable place to get some real rest after
those busy air show days.

Alan Shaw