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REFLECTOR: Another good bounce

This was nother bounced email worthy of forwarding to the list.
Everyone please make sure you have your majordomo account set up properly.

Forwarded message:
<headers snipped>
> Hello to All.....I just felt as the person in the "right seat" that I must thank
> everyone in this forum for their care and concern....we are both indeed happy to
> be here to analyze what happened and yes, to grieve the loss of our Velocity
> which we lovingly called "Vinny"...(long story...).  As the passenger and also
> one who loves flying ALMOST as much as my hubby...I crave the sky so very
> much...It probably sounds silly but it is almost as though we have lost a
> child...and the pain is real and deep... I keep trying to reassure my very
> wonderful personal pilot that he did everything he could...and I truly believe
> he did...we flew together often and I came
> to know the quirks of the landings...but if you can "grease" a landing in a
> Velocity, Ray did it in Camarillo just a couple of hours before fate intervened.
> He is a CAREFUL pilot, never taking chances...I would fly with him in a
> minute...even now...
>    So I just wanted to tell you all how much your concern means....It is easy to
> "Monday morning quarterback" but unless you were there in the plane you don't
> really know the whole story...and from this experience I hope all of us in our
> wonderful aviation family reserve judgment...it's easy to  look at  Aviation
> Safety or the NTSB Reporter and judge...I won't ever do that again...and we have
> lost John Kennedy,Jr ....but I hope we, unlike the press will reserve
> judgment....He was part of our family who touched the sky....Thanks again for
> your love and concern....
> PS..."Vinny" saved our lives....The Velocity is a strong, protective baby....
> Donna Flade
> Account-Rep, T300   B/O-227
> 818-715-6894    e-mail=daflade@us.ibm.com

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
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