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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: Speeds in Velocities.

I agree with this comment regarding High Performance aircraft. It was much 
more comfortable for me to transition to the Velocity with 120 hours in a 
Bonanza V-tail. The flying club required me to have 250 total hours to even 
begin qualifying to fly the Bonanza. I then was required to have 15 hours 
duel. With my Velocity (Standard Fixed Gear), the insurance company required 
10 hours duel, and I actually wound up with 16 hours. I now have 100+ hours 
of flying throughout the West including afternoon departures from Sedona 
Arizona and a nearly Gross Weight 4 person takeoff from Truckee (near Lake 
Tahoe). The Velocity is much less complex than a Bonanza, but it is a high 
performance aircraft. I believe it is a very good aircraft to transition into 
the high performance world, but this is a step-up that should be taken 
    Sorry about the soap box and thanks for the great dialogue and info!
Ed Schrufer 56MR