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To Get some answers on Epoxy I Called Composite Polymer Design The Maker OF Easy Epoxy 83-87
I spoke to the Technical Director and got these answers.
Recrystallize often can happen just from shipment.
To Decrystallize  the hardener heat it to 140 -150 Deg F. And then stir
Do not exceed 180 Deg F.
Hardener has a 1 year shelf life Guarantee but should be good for 2-5 years if kept in a sealed 
container . IF exposed for more than 2 weeks to out side air Discard. He also said they have had
hardener around for more then 5 years with no ill effects
There is no silver nitrate in the Hardener. The Color change is from moisture getting in to the hardener.
and no heating will return the color. That is why you need to keep the container sealed.
If the hardener turns dark brown that dose not mean that it is nessasaraly  bad the way to
tell if it has gone bad is by testing the strength or by watching for extended cure times.
Post cure is at 150 deg for two hours to reach full cure
or full cure is about 1 month witch is why it may darken if the humidity is high and it
was not post cured in that month. But post curing adds no strength.
This is what I was told form the people how make it
Ron  N34CV