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Re: REFLECTOR: Velocity, Accident at Santa Monica, KSMO

Simon writes:

>The only conclusion so far: we have had three near total or total Velocity
>accidents in the last 7 months with 6 people involved and nobody got even
>scratched. Certainly, the Velocity has proven its value as a safe cocoon.

Just for completeness, there were 2 just prior to these which
did not make the airport, and all souls on board were lost,
and another where a wire strike prior to the emergency 
landing resulted in an injured pilot. 

It does seem that the Velocity makes a good safe egg for
sliding down the asphalt and hitting other planes and
hangars. Things are not so clear if the plane does not make
it to an airport.

This is not a complaint, just an attempt to keep our thoughts
honest. I hope that we can continue to learn from the 
unfortunate things which happen to some of us.