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These are not the two only reasons planes crash. I thought Ray was 
far too kind in his response in the face of uninformed, dangerous, 
and irresponsible speculation. For Ray, this is a life-changing 
event. The lost of his aircraft, the possible loss of his life and 
that of his wife's, and possible significant legal and financial 

When the dust settles, Ray's performance as a pilot may be 
questioned, the performance of his aircraft may be questioned, or it 
may be concluded that both worked perfectly and some other component 
of the 'system' was at fault.  The reasons are certainly important to 
all of us. But that hardly gives any of us a ticket to start placing 
blame on the basis of an half-page preliminary accident description. 
I have found far too many on this forum coming to the defense of 
Velocity design and blaming the pilot before all (any) of the facts 
are in. It is not good for the Velocity aircraft, the company, or its 
pilots and builders. The Velocity will only become a better aircraft 
when EVERY incident is examined completely, without bias, and 
careful, informed conclusions are drawn. Some of the entries in the 
today's AD list made it there by that very process. Without that 
process we would all still be flying, or preparing to fly, dangerous 

I believe this can be a valuable forum to discuss these incidents, to 
the benefit of all Velocity builders and pilots. I only ask that we 
keep the speculation in check and stick to the facts. I really don't 
mean to flame Jack personally here. That is not my intent and my 
apologies to Jack in advance if he takes offense. I mean this in the 
most constructive way possible. But this is representative of some of 
statements I've seen in the past in this forum after an incident. 
They are damaging and benefit no one.

The best thing that can come out of Ray's misfortune is a piece of 
knowledge, unknown all before, that prevents this from ever happening 
to anyone again.

Larry Terrill

>It sounds to me more like improper pilot technique than anything mechanical.

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