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RE: REFLECTOR: 100 degree countersink

Jack, I borrowed 100 degree countersinks from an A&P and from other
homebuilders.  All of the countersinks were OK but did not make a really
clean hole.  I finally bought the microstop countersink kit from Aircraft
Spruce (PN 590 CSK).  It is very good, well worth the cost (which has been
going up recently).  I've used it now in several areas, especially the

Bill Schweitzer
San Jose, Ca
std RGE

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I hate to ask this but...
where has everyone been getting their 100 degree countersink for the
elevator hinge. No one around here has a clue.

I've been to:
Home Depot
Ace Hardware
Pep Boys
Sears Tool Center
2 specialty tool shops



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