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REFLECTOR: Mor Cool Velocity Fly in Information

Hey gang, don't forget that the Fly in will be in October 22, 23.
We need people to sign up so we can plan properly for the event.

To sign up, send email to me:

Here is the latest from Milton:
Forwarded message:
> The Velocity Fly In will take place on Oct. 22 and 23.
> Rooms have been arranged at the Holiday Inn in McKinney for $49.00
> double & $55.00 King.
> Food will be:    1. Arrival on Fri.  Sweet table, beverages & fruit of 
> the vine.
>                         2. Sat.AM.  Fun & Games.
>                         3. Sat Lunch   German Sausages by the Wurst 
> Wagon. Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Weisswurst , Mettwurst.
>                         4. Sat Afternoon  Meetings. Talks by Allan Shaw 
> & a talk by a member of the FAA Flight Safety District Office on Flying 
> Cannards.
>                         5. SAt. Evening.   Bar B Q dinner, awards
> So far thats all.
> Milt

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