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REFLECTOR: Mineral Oil

The Franklin book recommends Mineral Oil for the first 50 Hours. Where
can I get some? A.S. doesn't have it in their catalog. I got some Dot 5
silicon fluid for brakes. My hanger mate will lone me his tie down strap
to first running of the engine. 

I was watching him timing his engine last night. He has a Kitfox that's
been flying since March with 150 hours. Has a Suburu engine with FI and
dual electronic ignition. His Warp propellor let him run the engine to
6200 rpm. He showed me beta mode. His cabin heater is an Earl's oil
cooler with a 4 1/2" computer fan held on with tie wraps and is 12"
above your feet.

Carl Hoffman Franklin-MT SRGE N1QR

P.S. Last weekend I installed a 1987-1992 Mazada 60 amp B2000-B2200
truck alternator. It was a perfect fit. Used the adjustment arm supplied
by PZL. One end of the arm is attached to one of the bolts holding on
the SkyTec starter. The 1/2" TW belt barely clears the right mag. The
pulley has almost 1" of adjustment before the alternator touches the
engine mount.