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REFLECTOR: Methylenedianiline


Ron Needham wrote:

 As Far as color is concerned the My Epoxy has always had a very dark brown color to it .The Factory said that it was just the amount of die added to the hardener to make it that color.And hadnothing to do with age or temp
  METHYLENEDIANILINE (MDA) is photo chemically reactive very similar to the silver nitrate that produces black and white photos.  MDA makes up about 40% of the hardner which inturn becomes about 20% of your mixed resin.   There is no die added.  Age and temperature indirectly effect the color because they relate to the UV exposure.

Your main concern with MDA is not what color it is but what it does to your liver.
If you consume some alcohol on a regular basis or medicine that saturates your liver and you are working with MDA you should have your liver checked at least twice a year.

The early structural test I ran for Dan proved it to have qualities we couldn't find in any other system.  Build strong airplanes with it carefully while you can because someday it will probably be off the market.  The replacement systems are also toxic just different toxins.....that don't turn funny colors.