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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: Epoxy pump/ Ez 84

Ron writes:
>As Far as color is concerned the My Epoxy has always had 
>a very dark brown color to it. The Factory said that it was 
>just the amount of die added to the hardener to make it that
>color.And had nothing to do with age or temp.

My first batch was always darker than any of the factory
parts, but it got much darker as it got older. It is easy to
see in the layups I have done.

The hardener also got much thicker over time. Eventually
even heating it did not seem to make much difference. I 
eventually tossed quite a bit of it because I just did not trust 
it any more. An unopened 2.5 gal can of hardener turned solid.

I read about heating it to refresh it, but decided that the risk 
was not worth the cost of just replacing it. I started making 
test coupons and seeing if they were any different that some
samples I made when the kit was new, but my wise wife 
convinced me that the stress/strain and 'test to destruction'
project was just a distraction, and that I should just spend 
the money and get new stuff. (Hey, she told Travis to put the
kit into the house when he delivered it, and the living room is
now full of Velocity parts, so who am I to complain?)

The new epoxy I got from Alexander (ez10 with ez84
hardener) is closer in color to the factory parts. The good
part is that this combo wets out the glass much better than
my old stuff. The bad part is that I got an alergic reaction to it
this last weekend. A bit of it got on my wrist and it broke out
in a rash which itches terribly. I sure hope that I can continue
to work with this stuff, or at least I can find something else
which I can use.