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REFLECTOR: BOUNCE reflector@awpi.com: Non-member submission from ["Tim Crawford" <Tim.Crawford@noaa.gov>] (fwd)

This one is too good to let fall through the cracks.

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> Hi Simon!
> I run Jeff Rose's ElectroAir on both my LongEZ (N3R) and my Velocity
> (N6Q).  I have had no problems with either installation and highly
> recommend Jeff's system.
> I have around 1,000 hrs (3,200 hr TT!) with Jeff's system in the Long
> EZ.  FYI see www.noaa.inel.gov/frd/Capabilities/LongEZ/.  N3R's Lyc
> 320 E2D was modified with higher compression (8.5:1) pistons.  The
> electric ignition improvement in performance is significant.  Even at
> idle on the ground, the mag is doing little good.  In flight, there
> is no loss in RPM when the mag is turned off.  The 32,000 ft LongEZ
> altitude record set about 2 yr ago was possible largely because of
> performance enhancement with Electronic ignition.  I also run
> low-cost automotive plugs and auto gas in the LongEZ.  For Lyc's Jeff
> has a mag hole mount pickup that I really like.
> Velocity N6Q has about 80 hours (working too hard to fly) with Jeff's
> system from the get-go.  The improvement in performance of the
> Franklin engine is not as significant.  I speculate this is because
> of the higher compression (10:1) results in a faster flame combustion
> speed.  So one needs not light things as off so early.  However,
> Jeff's system is fully adjustable and I have not had time to optimize
> spark advance.  The system is designed so that one can remotely play
> with spark advance then program what works well.  For Franklin, one
> must pickup timing from the crank shaft.  Jeff has been working on a
> mag mount pickup for the Franklin.  When that is available, I will
> install a second electronic system.  Note, N6Q had a fully redundant
> electrical system.
> Hope this helps.
> Tim

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