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REFLECTOR: Electronic Ignition??

Builders and Flyers:

My engine is off and I am pondering to profit of the occasion and make some
improvements. I have the Goodman Franklin 6 cyl. One item on the wish list
is electronic ignition. Here's what I know:

- Jeff Rose's ElectroAir. Got good revievs on the Canard List and by
Malcolm. Bad experience by Rick Lavoie. I can't find his web page; anybody
has it?

- Klaus Savier's Light Speed: Some good reports on the Canard List.
Helpful! (needs to be?!). Bad experience by Malcolm.

- Unison's Lasar: A Swiss EZ flyer flew his Lasar equipped EZ all the way
to the southern tip of South America and back including two Atlantic
crossings. Reported good results, but had a failure on an earlier trip to

Any experience - good or bad - out there? Those of you who went electronic:
how did you make sure you had redundancy? In the Franklin with its huge
drop in power with only one magneto, what are the experiences with only one

Thanks for sharing your know how!


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland