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REFLECTOR: Re: Epoxy pump/ Ez 84

    It appears that the cylinders in my epoxy pump which is the adjustable the factory (velocity) sells are grinding off a slight amount of metal into my epoxy.. It is a very fine dust that has progressively gotten worse and worse and the pump is only 6 months old.. well, 150 hrs of building time... Has anyone else experienced this..? Today I broke the thing down entirely and noticed wear marks on the cylinders which supported my theory that what I was finding in my epoxy (mainly in the resin side), was metal dust. Is this particularly harmful to the integrity of the layups?
    I am also curious what epoxy it is the factory uses on all the stuff they make.. I'd been told they use ez 84.. Which happens to be what I bought from them.., i guess I'm wondering why my ez 84 turns out more of a golden brown to brown color while theres is more like a green lime color... Anyone know why? Has my stuff just sat in the sun to long? My kit is one of the older RG kits which I then updated to an elite.. So most of my older parts are that deep brown color.. But all of the newer stuff the factory has sold me is that lime green.. I'm confused..