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>Would someone please give me a quick lesson on the use of Cab-O-Sil to
>thicken microglass that is to be used on the tops of fuel tank bulkheads,
>and epoxy to be used to seal the tanks. I've never used it before so I
>don't know if I'm supposed to add by volume or if I'm looking for a
>particular color or consistency. No doubt this has already been
>discussed, but I can't find it.

Yes, good question. Basically you want to thicken the epoxy to help your
micoglass mix hang together (as in a glob of the stuff will tend to hang
onto the bottom side of a stirring stick) and still be nice and spreadable.
I found that about one part cabosil to two parts milled fiber worked fine.
I know that others have suggested more cabosol than that, but without
knowing how it affects the properties of the final product, I chose not to.

Best to mix cabosil with epoxy first, than add to milled fiber; or, you can
mix all ingredients at one time in small batches and make sure you mix very
I know that cabosil makes the cured mix harder and more brittle.  Anybody
know what it does to tensile and compressive properties?

Al Gietzen

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