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Re: REFLECTOR: 1/2 Stealth?

Like I said,  Approach and Center radar are quite different, and the 
processing and display after the radar signal is even more different. With 
over 250,000 sq miles of airspace, it would be Very difficult to find a 
Velocity without a transponder unless you were tracking one and then lost the 
beacon. Even then, trying to track it would be difficult if not impossible.   
Of course we do have our ways :), but in a normal situation, it would be 
almost impossible. 
The radar's in approach controls, Military approach controls, Centers, and 
towers are all quite different.  Don't ask me why, must be that "lowest 
bidder" theory.  That's why you can get much better Weather Avoidance service 
from approach controls ( it's set up to use more of a raw radar return). 
That's why Patrick could "see" you, Not because the Velocity has a bigger 
radar signature. 
One of those pieces of trivia  :)  
Back to the hangar,  I have dust to make !!!
Kurt Winker
173 FGE
4.3L, Alum. Chev. V-6