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Re: REFLECTOR: High Tech Flanged Parts and New Adhesives

Ronnie Brown,

> Which flanges are you referring to - bulkheads? battery box, center
> console?
> Yes, internal flanged parts are made by pulling impressions from
> inside an airframe under construction.   Parts like wing skins and
> fuselage halfs can be made with strong butt seams but it requires
> tricky tooling and lamination techniques And which adhesives - West
> Systems, Velocipoxy, Resin Research?

 These are laminating resins, that's just the point.  They are made for
laminating fibers in primary part construction.  To be used for assembly
secondary bonds tape glass is needed to transfer the load to mostly
shear.  Mixing micro glass or Aerosil with resin makes more of a heavy
filler than an adhesive.

Epoxy ahesives from Hysol, 3-M, Plexus etc. bonding one piece flanged
parts is a much simpler and stronger assembly method.  Velocity has been
up grading to more and more of this type construction.  Your friend,
Bobs Ginsburg's, kit had little or none of these new parts.