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REFLECTOR: 1/2 Stealth?

NMFlyer1@aol.com wrote:

> Center and Approach radars are 2 different animals.   If your transponder goes
> out in a
> Velocity, Center radar Will Not show you to the controller in most cases.

That's good to know, thank-you.

> The primary target is so weak that it will not be displayed on the scope at
> all. Primary targets of Spam cans or Tube and fabric airplanes are Many times
> stronger.

A Patrick AFB approach controller in the late 80's called my turns from over 20
miles with my transponder turned off.  He said I was twice as bright as the C-150
near by.My plane has a unique ultra-high build primer.  Perhaps this paint which
has a high solids, highly mineralzed, heavy metal base plus the aluminum engine
baffling makes a difference.

I should hope that any Velocity within 5 to 10 miles would be on your scope.

Fortunately our air defence zone is covered with other sensing besides radar
according to Aviation Week.