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Re: REFLECTOR: Stealth?

Center and Approach radars are 2 different animals.  That's why you can not 
get nearly the weather avoidance assistance from a Center than you can from 
most Approach Controls.  I have worked in both, and am now a Center 
controller.  I could get into the specifics of the radar if you're curious, 
and some of the differences are very helpful to pilots, but I'll do that 1 on 
1, if someone's interested.  
For now,  let me tell you from experience:  If your transponder goes out in a 
Velocity, Center radar Will Not show you to the controller in most cases.  
The primary target is so weak that it will not be displayed on the scope at 
all. Primary targets of Spam cans or Tube and fabric airplanes are Many times 
stronger.  There's also that big metal engine and it's placement to consider. 
   Anything  else I can attempt to answer from the archaic ATC side,,, feel 
free to ask  ( not attack :)   just ask).  

Naturally neurotic, Controller & Pilot
Kurt Winker  
173 FGE
4.3L Alum. V-6 Chev.