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Re: REFLECTOR: Kevlar Vs. Carbon fiber vs. E-glass

> in this application what I like is
>that it won't rip apart for how thin it is

Cowling is indeed a great place for Kevlar ... along with the carbon
flange for stiffness. Kevlar is used for super lightweight canoes
because it will hold up to lots of flexing.

>Armada fibers (Kevlar) have five times the tensile strength of stainless
>steel but less than half the compression strength of fiberglass.

The reason the arimid fibers are so strong in tension and weak in
compression is that they are manufactured by pulling and spinning a
liquid crystal: they are a spun rope on a molecular scale. Hence,
just like a rope, you can really pull on them, but it sure don't
work to push on them.

I did not know that they did not hold up well for secondary bonds.
That sure is important for the way we build our Velocities.

By the time you figure in the special shears needed to cut the
stuff, it hardly seems worth it for just one plane.

David Doshay