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Why is the Velocity not stealthy?  It seems that it would be
a lot stealthier than most airplanes.  Do radar waves pass through
fiberglass?  If not, I can see that the winglet/wing intersection
and the wing/fuselage intersection would be huge reflectors.
If you look at the airplane from the front, it would seem that
would be the stealthiest view.

Of course if the fiberglass is invisible, there's still all that
stuff inside.  You would have to shield the engine, and all
of those other metal bits with some sort of reflector that
reflected radar away from the source.

I suppose there's always radar absorbing paint, but I have no 
idea how that would work.

I've heard of some people going so far as to put those little
cube reflectors in tube and fabric airplanes so that ATC could
see them easier.  What happens to our airplanes on radar when
our transponder goes out?  

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