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Re: REFLECTOR: Door Locks Plans

I'm very much interested.  Thanks in advance.   Mark

Dennis Martin wrote:

> In response to several who requested drawings for dual locking doors on
> Elite models, please post your address so I can snail-mail a copy.  Please
> respond within a week so I can mail everybody at once.
> Mods solved two problems.
> 1) Although the plans show how to create one auto locking door (passenger
> side only), I wanted both doors locked automatically when you pull the
> handle shut.  I wanted the same auto lock system on the pilot's side, but
> with keyed lock included.   Although the plans don't show how, it's simple
> to install the keyed lock inside the kit-supplied lock assembly.  One of my
> drawings details this.
> 2) Because of a unique bend in my push rod, I couldn't mount the lock
> collar as called for in the plans.  Also, I got too aggressive in removing
> foam for the push rod.  The result was slightly too much gap to allow the
> lock collar to engage the pin.  If you have either of these problems, my
> plans show a simple mod using an easy-to-make metal strap.
> If you want to lock both doors, you need to order a second lock assembly
> from Velocity WITHOUT the keyed lock.  (One keyed lock is part of the door
> lock assembly included in the kit).
> In the event of a forced landing, I know there is some risk in locking both
> doors.  I choose to take that risk given the history of several accidents
> (NOT in Velocities) from doors opening in flight.  Did I read recently
> about a Velocity at a "fly-in" having to make a forced landing because of a
> door opening in flight?   Anyone know which door opened, and why?
> I just saw this in this week's AVweb's on-line magazine:
> "A search of the NTSB database revealed eight accidents involving open
> doors in Aztecs.  AVweb takes this opportunity to suggest that Aztec
> pilots verify the door is closed and LOCKED . . ."
> P.S.  Using a 3 inch stainless steel pin, there is an easy way to disengage
> the pilot's auto-lock as part of your landing check list.  I expect I'll do
> that.