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REFLECTOR: Door Locks Plans

In response to several who requested drawings for dual locking doors on
Elite models, please post your address so I can snail-mail a copy.  Please
respond within a week so I can mail everybody at once.

Mods solved two problems.

1) Although the plans show how to create one auto locking door (passenger
side only), I wanted both doors locked automatically when you pull the
handle shut.  I wanted the same auto lock system on the pilot's side, but
with keyed lock included.   Although the plans don't show how, it's simple
to install the keyed lock inside the kit-supplied lock assembly.  One of my
drawings details this.

2) Because of a unique bend in my push rod, I couldn't mount the lock
collar as called for in the plans.  Also, I got too aggressive in removing
foam for the push rod.  The result was slightly too much gap to allow the
lock collar to engage the pin.  If you have either of these problems, my
plans show a simple mod using an easy-to-make metal strap.

If you want to lock both doors, you need to order a second lock assembly
from Velocity WITHOUT the keyed lock.  (One keyed lock is part of the door
lock assembly included in the kit).

In the event of a forced landing, I know there is some risk in locking both
doors.  I choose to take that risk given the history of several accidents
(NOT in Velocities) from doors opening in flight.  Did I read recently
about a Velocity at a "fly-in" having to make a forced landing because of a
door opening in flight?   Anyone know which door opened, and why?

I just saw this in this week's AVweb's on-line magazine:
"A search of the NTSB database revealed eight accidents involving open
doors in Aztecs.  AVweb takes this opportunity to suggest that Aztec
pilots verify the door is closed and LOCKED . . ."

P.S.  Using a 3 inch stainless steel pin, there is an easy way to disengage
the pilot's auto-lock as part of your landing check list.  I expect I'll do