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Re: REFLECTOR: N19DW Accident, Probable Cause

According to FAA regulations a fuel gauge need only be accurate at EMPTY.  I
assume this is to confirm the lack of noise and vibration which confirms
something you already know.


Simon Aegerter wrote:

> >  In Cessnas and Dromaders,  well as others that have a both position to the
> >fuel selector it is common to have one fuel gauge read much lower than the
> >other. How, or why, is this different in the Velocity?
> Michael:
> sorry, I understood you question only the second time I read it, hence my
> belated response. I have two things to say:
> 1. In Cessnas, you monitor the fuel level with gauges that are inacurate at
> best. So, when they show different levels, that doesn't mean the levels are
> different. In our Velocities, we see the real levels.

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