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Re: REFLECTOR: N19DW Accident, Probable Cause

>If it is caused by a leaking fuel cap, I suppose completely covering both caps
>with shipping tape would make them airtight. This is obviously a Band-Aid
>solution, but if it eliminated the uneven flow it would provide further
>evidence the fuel caps are indeed at fault.

Good idea as a research project. It runs into the problem science always
has, tho: you can only prove that the fuel-cap-theory is wrong (still
uneven -> other reason), you cannot prove that it is right. (same level
_this time_).

>I think you have the right idea. At least it couldn't hurt! I will upgrade
>mine as well.

Some people have come up with second order corrections to my estimation.
They all go in the direction of more plausability. You may also need fatter
over board vent lines, because if you transfer the "vacuum" to the other
tank as well, the venting may eventually prove inadequate and you may run
the sump tank empty even sooner because now BOTH tanks are being sucked on
from above.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland