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Re: REFLECTOR: Caenter spar Sweep

Hi Ron,
	On the standard fuselage the nose bolt hole was off to one side by
about a 1/4 inch.  I've got a fast-build fuselage: no nose bolt hole so
I can't check mine.
	Take a line from the center (cross-wise) of your firewall, thru the
center of your canard bulkhead, extend forward: see where that puts your
nose bolt hole.
	IF the bolt hole is off, and firewall is "dead-on" relative to that
hole, I'd worry about your firewall being at a slight angle.  If that's
the case I'd ask factory if that's a re-work issue or just shimming the
engine mount will correct it, and adds concern for your main LG tracking
left/right: that can also be shimmed at the axle if already installed. 
Firewall angle can also be checked from a point dead center of your
canard bulkhead.
	Seems a lot of guys are flying slightly banana shaped planes. 


> Ron Needham wrote:
 I am Installing my center spar...To get the Equal Dimension at the
outer bolt holes I have to shim about 1/4 of an Inch out on the left
side of the bulk head. I do have the Engine bulk head
 in and it is right on the money Dimensionally from the center bolt
hole, Equal dimensions on
 both sides.  The manual also does not say to center the spar in the
fuselage...The only other way to get the required dimension is not
center the spar and then it ends up about 1/4 in off set and > that just
does not seam right.