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Re: REFLECTOR: Caenter spar Sweep

Hmm is that because of the silly "master" bolt hole being off in the  fuselage as sent from the factory?
It was wrong for years, surely they have fixed it by now.
Wayne Owens
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From: Ron Needham
To: reflector
Sent: Saturday, June 26, 1999 12:05 PM
Subject: REFLECTOR: Caenter spar Sweep

I am Installing my center spar on an XL 173 and I am having problems getting it in right.
To get the Equal Dimension at the outer bolt holes I have to shim about 1/4 of an Inch
out on the left side of the bulk head .I do have the Engine bulk head in and it is right on
the money Dimensionally from the center bolt hole, Equal dimensions on both sides.
The manual also does not say to center the spar in the fuselage I assume you just would do it
out common sense .But you know what they say about assuming.The only other way to get
the required dimension is not center the spar and then it ends up about 1./14 in off set and
that just does not seam right .
Any Help
Ron N34CV