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Re: REFLECTOR: N19DW Accident, Probable Cause

After my experience with the C182  IM considering check-valves coming from
each tank to  the sump.  In that danged Cessna truck   the owner left the
right fuel cap loose and as PIC  I didn't catch it. After the miserable
wretch sucked the right tank dry  it continued sucking until the left tank
was depleted and continued sucking on the bladder until the float was picked
up and indicated a half a tank of gas. Check valves from each tank to the
fuel selector would have prevented it (as perhaps would have a perfect
pre-flight). At least in the Velocity it will be possible to see fuel
streaming out of a tank before my low fuel warning light  screams at me  but
still outside of plugging  from contaminants ( I have removable finger
screens in my tank pickups) what can they hurt?
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> Generally, my 1977 Cessna 172 will only show unequal fuel tank levels when
> 1. Flying with the ball out of the center
> 2. Loose fuel cap - which causes the fuel to leave that tank rather
> Cessna has a rather elaborate fuel supply and vent system - more than I
> would have envisioned would be necessary.  I thought the Velocity was
> simple and straight forward.
> After reading this thread, I'm thinking it may need to be more able to
> handle some amount of tank cap
> leakage.  The addition of Duane's check valve in the cabin makes sense in
> case the normal vent gets restricted.