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Re: REFLECTOR: D.C. a Class Act

Dennis is right - the DC Builders are a top group as I am sure are other
builders if we had the opportunity to do a workshop circuit elsewhere.

I cannot recommend enough for builders to form informal networks like 3 of
the builders here in Australia have done - although the distances between
one of us is a bit bigger (try over 700 miles!) than most - but this does
not stop us phoning, emailing, meeting at fly ins and visiting when we have
the chance.

And when travelling make sure you contact a builder in the area you are
going to and get himn to organise some visits. You will be actually doing
builders in that area a service! - what better excuse to get together and
find out where & what  the others are up to.

I sent a posting with photo of the  DC builders & one Aussie "get together"
to Rick Lavoie for  V. Views on this subject and looking forward to seeing
if it was included when the next edition hits the deck.

Thanks for your kind words Jack, I look forward to meeting you again in the
future; here or on your home turf.

Regards To All Reflectorites from OZ,


>Thanks for the kind words.  I really enjoyed meeting you.  It is real nice to
>meet some of the reflector folks face to face and to hear first hand some of
>their ingenuity.  From the pictures and your explanation, you seem to have
>some really cool ideas.
>Let me also extend an open invitation to you and your family anytime you are
>here in the D.C. area.  We would love to have you come and stay with us.  We
>have enjoyed the visits from our distant Velocity family.  So far, we have
>been two for two;  the last one being Greg Poole.  Another great guy and
>funny too!
>As I told you, I usually do a lot more "listening" on the reflector then
>sending email, but give me a shout from time to time and let me know how you
>are progressing.
>Cheers for now . . .

Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ