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REFLECTOR: D.C. a Class Act

On business back east, I got a great tour of the D.C. area builders'
projects.  Carl Hoffman & Clint Spooner both set up a meeting at Manassas
airport EAA hangar.  Jack Davis and Bill Stockman joined us, and we all
envied Carl's progress with engine hanging and ready for testing soon.  A
roll of film later, it's lunch time, compliments of Clint.  Then on to see
Bill's project.  He'll soon be mounting his engine - it's sitting
hygenically sealed on a pallate. Another roll of film shot, and we're over
to Jack's house where we also met his wife Rose.  You can tell she's really
into the project, too.  Out of film, but I took lots of mental notes.

I just want to go on record that the D.C. area builders I met are a great
gang, and their craftsmanship rocks.  Each project was clean and showed
real pride in quality building.  I learned a lot from every project.
Thanks guys for a great Saturday I'll never forget.