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Re: REFLECTOR: vent system check valves

Well Chuck, the only thing more cluttered than my garage is my computer.
Good thing I can search it.  Below find an excerpt from Don White's
posting of 3/5/99 "safety tips, Fuel Vent & Nose Wheel".  Actually, I
had 22 hits on "check valve"..advise if this isn't what you were looking

Regards, Jeff Barnes, XL-RG, in the garage

Chuck Caldarale wrote:
> Does anybody remember what check valve someone used for an emergency fuel
> vent line inside the cabin? Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the original
> message anymore - must have gotten a little too enthusiastic during spring
> cleaning...

We and the factory have installed a check valve inside fuselage near
highest point in fuel vent line that goes from manifold to bottom of
fuselage. Reason: In case line to outside fuselage becomes plugged, air
vent system can be sucked from inside fuselage. Our line is hose , so we
simply cut line, added a plastic "T" in line and attached check valve to
3rd leg of "T". Check valve is tiny plastic one found in any auto store
auto polution systems. Suggest checking your vent line and check valve
occasionally for free flow and that check valve operates properly. I
already found considerable debris in vent line outlet which may have