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RE: REFLECTOR: Expansion of gasoline

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> Subject: REFLECTOR: Expansion of gasoline
> What is the expansion coefficient of gasoline due to temperature?

It varies according to temperature. For the room temperature range, the
coefficient of cubical expansion is about 0.0006 per degree F (according to
my ancient ME handbook).

> Unlatching the cap caused the level to drop below the top of the cap.

Sounds more like air expansion, rather than gasoline. Once you released the
cap, the expanded air escaped and the gas returned to its original position.
Due to the nature of our tanks, the vent line opening is usually slightly
below the bottom of the fuel cap, so there's some amount of air in the tank
that you can't get rid of. For air, the corresponding coefficient is 0.002,
or better than three times that of the gas. Wouldn't take too much air to
push fuel a good distance through the relatively small lines.

 - Chuck