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REFLECTOR: Expansion of gasoline

Years ago I would top off the tank of my car, then later noticed quite
a bit of fuel had leaked out.

What is the expansion coefficient of gasoline due to temperature?

Last week I was leek testing my Velocity. I was also carefully 
measuring the level in the sight glass each five gallons. I had the 
1/4" tank fuel line blocked off, the 3/8" line hooked to clear plastic
tubing and running out the gear leg opening and taped to the upper 
engine mount. This would be to drain the fuel out later, and put the 
auto gas in my car. I topped off the tank and put the fuel cap back on.
To my surprise, 5 minutes later the level had risen 1" above the top of
the strake. As the fuel expanded, it had no where to go but up the two 
vents, the normal vent and the clear plastic one. Unlatching the cap
caused the level to drop below the top of the cap.

Carl Hoffman SRGE N1QR