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Re: REFLECTOR: Copy of: N19DW Accident, Probable Cause

Thanks to Don for sharing his experience with us, it is important.  The fuel
system we have does have some "quirks" that you should know about.

1.  I use the fuel lube on the o-rings in the tank caps.  After a year, it is
still there, but I doubt vasoline would last that long.  Just my personal

2.  Some of you may remember when I filled my tanks to the brim (was getting a
good deal on fuel), and about half of it siphoned out the fuel tank vent lines,
the one that I ran to the bottom of the tanks.  So now I never fill completely,
but I can still easily get 50+ gallons of fuel in the tanks, and that is longer
than I ever care to fly.

3.  When the plane is out of trim, or otherwise loaded more heavily on one
side, I notice one tank draining first.  But my second tank always catches up
eventually.  As Don said, you should make sure your plane does this.

4.  Put in the low level sensor in the sump tank.  That last 5-6 gallons can
take you quite a ways in our planes.

Most of this stuff comes about, I believe, because each of our planes is
unique.  What happens on one may or may not happen on another, so you are
always a "test pilot" in some respects.

Here is a interesting, unrelated note.  I have been instrument rated for 7
years, and today was the first time I flew an approach to anywhere near
minimums in actual conditions.  Pretty cool feeling to break out with the
runway in site, lined up, and on glide path.
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