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Re: REFLECTOR: Atlanta Update

Sorry for the delay in responding - we are working full bore on the airplane.
We used Aerotronics in Montana @ 406-259-5006.  We decided to get about 5
bids.  We asked Martin, a local guy, Pacific Coast Avionics, Aircraft Spruce
and Aerotronics.  We had never heard of Aerotronics but saw them at their
Oshkosh booth.  We came away impressed with thier knowledge and the beauty of
their work. (By the way, Martin declined to bid since he was involved in a
number of personal items at the time).

Aerotronics were the only folks who did EVERYTHING we asked.  They responded to
the bid and gave us some other things to think about.  They followed up
professionally and courteously.  They visited our projects when they were at
Copperstate (2 years running) and did measurements - just to be sure.  We have
installed our panel - full IFR -and have gotten universal oohs and aahs.

Their support is tremendous and their prices are fair (they were not the lowest
but the second lowest).  The 2 owners, Martin and Steve are salt of the earth
people who keep their commitments and are really into the homebuilding
movement.  We'd use them again.

Pete and Toni

J42AL@aol.com wrote:

> Things are moving good here
> Fuel strakes in progress - wings complete - power plant here and ready - MT
> prop ordered.
> Does anyone have a good suggestion on panel shops for a fully IFR panel and
> the instrument package? Looking to get 3 quotes for a November 99 order.
> John Leder
> (N203SM to be)