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RE: REFLECTOR: Fuel tank sealant

Gordon, I have used Jeffco 9700 in one tank so far (plus the central tank).
I bought the 3 gallon kit from Aircraft Spruce (page 259 in the '98 catalog
-- Indexed under Fuel Tank Sealer).  It looks like I have well over 1/2 the
kit remaining for my final wing strake.  My experience on the sump (central)
tank was a perfect, air-tight seal with 2 coats plus a few dabs of overkill
where it looked like it might have pin holes.  There was a short article in
V V on this.
Likewise, I used 2 coats on the strake tank plus a very thick cabosil
mixture for the top-strake to bulkheads sealer.  The Jeffco took a lot of
cabosil before thickening enough to bead well on the top of the bulkheads.
I have not tested this tank for leakage yet.
The second coat of Jeffco needs to be applied less than 20 hours after the
first to get a good chemical bond.  The Jeffco will exotherm quickly if left
in it's mixing cup but it flows well for about 15 minutes if spread on the
Bill Schweitzer
std RGE
San Jose, Ca
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        I cannot seem to achieve a smooth shiny finish in my tanks, even
using cab o sil, and allowing the mixture to "age" in a shallow pan before
application.   I recall a past thread concerning s sealant called Jeffco.
Is this the Epoxy in the ACS catalog?  What amount is needed for a Velocity?