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Re: REFLECTOR: [Fwd: [c-a] Prop Design]


Thanks, it is extremely easy to use and educational for any home builder.

Since it won't let us change the diameter of the prop it is very limited.
There is also a difference between tractors and pushers that I see no
indication of.
For example with Velocities we use less diameter,  more cord, plus more
pitch than a tractor because of turbulence which can not be calculated with
this set up.  I would also like to study short radius large cord multi
bladed props.  As you click in more blades it just cuts the cord leaving
diameter long.

It seems to be set up for Long Easy's because the pitch is very high yet on
the other hand the efficiency is too high also.  With Velocities we have a
little cleaner air than Longs and can't use as much pitch.  Tractors use
even less pitch.  I'm confused by the results I get with this software.

We will have to get a hold of Ed and Joe to see if they can write the code
for these other variables.  I've got some test data from NASA's work in the
late 70's and early 80's in this area that may help.  It is very important
because this is the way prop design is going.

Alan Shaw