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REFLECTOR: [Fwd: [c-a] Prop Design]

For those not on the canard-aviator's list, a Windows version of PROP
program just became available.

Jeff Barnes

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Subject: [c-a] Prop Design
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 20:53:39 -0400
From: dokus <dokus@ibm.net>
To: canard-aviators <canard-aviators@canard.com>

[The Canard Aviators's Mailing list]

Hi everyone.

Just a note to inform everyone that a windows version of my prop design
program has been created by fellow Canardian Joe Dubner.  This is an
elegant and masterful piece of work that is very user friendly and
provides immediate updates for any input parameter changes.  Input
parameters can be changed at will and the effects on chord, efficiency,
etc, immediately noted. Graphic and printed output is provided. His URL
pointer is:


The program has been donated to the public domain.  Thanks Joe for a
significant contribution to the world of homebuilding.

Ed Dokus N106VV

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