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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: Hatch Latch

The "spring" is just two pieces of sheet-aluminum, one on either side of
the latch, secured to the inside of the hull (same as the latch), and bent
up so the hatch meets these "fingers" and has to force them down during the
last approx 1-inch of travel.  Just need enough force so when the
latch-lever is released, the spring pops the hatch up enough you can get
your fingers under it to remove it.  And, I guess, to keep the hatch firmly
seated so it won't rattle or leak.

I took some pix at SnF, but they came out kinda dark.  A dwg and parts list
in VV would help.


At 07:21 PM 06/17/1999 -0400, Bob Kuc wrote:
>> Factory XL has it.>
>In fact, if you call them up, they will sell you the latch that they use.
>You will still need to devise a lever for it.  You will also need to
>fabricate a "spring" of some kind to "pop" up the latch cover when you pull
>on the latch.
>173 LWE