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Dear Bill:
   The nose access cover on our airplanes use a spring loaded latch that we 
access through the nose gear hole on the XL RG and from inside the plane on 
our SUV.   I ordered 20 of the latches just in case someone ask how did you 
do that.  I think the price of the latch is just under $10.00.  I put an 
aluminum lip on the front of the cover that slides under the front of the 
opening and the latch is installed on the fuselage just behind the cover. 
 I made a small right angle bellcrank out of aluminum and connected the 
bellcrank direct to the spring latch on one end of the bellcrank and a 
1/16" cable from the other end to wherever the release is going to be 
placed.  The 1/16" cable is routed through nylaflow tubing that is glassed 
to the inside skin of the fuselage.  A key ring (round thing) is placed on 
the end of the cable for a finger pull.
   Let me know if this is what you have in mind.
   Sincerely, Duane Swing

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Has anyone considered some sort of latching mechanism for the nose access

I was considering a release inside; accessible by reaching up from the nose
gear opening...


Bill Huene