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REFLECTOR: Towbar/Pushbar


Checked out Dave Black's neat towbar when I was on tour in Virginia and
wonder if anybody else has any ideas on attaching a tow/pushbar to the

Dave has a neat unit but Leon, our beloved XL owner (he went for his first
flight with his test pilot last weekend) wants one  made where no holes are
be drilled into the casting (...no sense of adventure that Leon!!).

I think the simplest method would be something that quick clamped around
the square boss at the top of the aluminium nosewheel fork. Anybody else
got any suggestions??

You just don't realise how handy these things are until you try to move and
steer a Velocity by yourself.

Oh,...And not to be left out: Hearty Congratulations Gilles & Co.!!..only
2.5 years eh?...sob! (....mustn't have a job or any kids!)

Heres to looking up at you!


Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ