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Re: REFLECTOR: First flight


Larry Epstein
173 FGE

>From: Gilles & Denise Gratton <gratton@magma.ca>
>Reply-To: reflector@awpi.com, Gilles & Denise Gratton <gratton@magma.ca>
>To: reflector@awpi.com, mathieu.gratton@sympatico.ca
>Subject: REFLECTOR: First flight
>Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 17:27:50 -0400
>Hi folks,
>         Well yesterday was the big day. The flight authorization finally
>arrived from the RAA office. Off to the airport. Final walk around and
>check list review.
>Rolling on 26. Full power, 2600 rpm. Nose up, whow it`s flying. Still 2/3
>of 3000 ft grass runway left. Climbing, 100 kts, 900 fpm and increasing.
>What a feeling!
>Hey, I built this machine and it works. Looking good. All gages in the
>green. Look ma, no hands. Ball dead center. Franklin`s just purring back
>there.  After a 15 min. flight around the airport, it`s time to bring her
>in. Check list again. Back in the circuit. Turning final, speed brake down,
>9o kts, lined up with the numbers, (what numbers, it`s a grass strip),
>looking good, throttle back, touchdown, not even bad landing, still 1/2
>runway left. Scott and Sam Dasilva`s teaching tips must have worked.
>         What an experience! No problem at all smiling for the camera. Hey,
>today is the 13th. Murphy`s law did not even kick in. Even forgot the
>rabbit`s foot at home. Too good to be true.
>Gilles Gratton,  C-GDOU  173 FG Elite  2 1/2 yrs in the making.

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