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REFLECTOR: First flight

Hi folks, 
        Well yesterday was the big day. The flight authorization finally
arrived from the RAA office. Off to the airport. Final walk around and
check list review. 
Rolling on 26. Full power, 2600 rpm. Nose up, whow it`s flying. Still 2/3
of 3000 ft grass runway left. Climbing, 100 kts, 900 fpm and increasing.
What a feeling!
Hey, I built this machine and it works. Looking good. All gages in the
green. Look ma, no hands. Ball dead center. Franklin`s just purring back
there.  After a 15 min. flight around the airport, it`s time to bring her
in. Check list again. Back in the circuit. Turning final, speed brake down,
9o kts, lined up with the numbers, (what numbers, it`s a grass strip),
looking good, throttle back, touchdown, not even bad landing, still 1/2
runway left. Scott and Sam Dasilva`s teaching tips must have worked. 
        What an experience! No problem at all smiling for the camera. Hey,
today is the 13th. Murphy`s law did not even kick in. Even forgot the
rabbit`s foot at home. Too good to be true. 
Gilles Gratton,  C-GDOU  173 FG Elite  2 1/2 yrs in the making.