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REFLECTOR: Open House - Velocity West

I am continually impressed with the accessibility,  professional demeanor and technical mentoring with which Mark and Nancy serve Velocity builders.  So it was no suprise that the open house was well organized and thought through to the last detail.

We were treated to great fellowship, helpful looks at completed and in-progress Velocitys, a well-planned afternoon of builder-tip lectures and a fabulous BBQ.

So appreciated  Bonnie and Duane Swing crossing the country to be present and share their vision for the future of Velocity.  (R and D continues.)  I've come to realize the airplane kit is only a half of what we buy - the other half is company support and viability.  Happy to have impulsively blundered into the best of both worlds,  wearing my Lancair baseball cap.

Thanks for a great event!

Paul Calhoun